Leather Collar Hafen Green

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• Made of natural, highly durable, soft leather
• Solid metal O-Ring and Buckle
• Fine sailing rope ornaments and PawPawPaw prints
• The collars are available in two widths: 2 cm for small and 3 cm for larger dogs
• All collars are handmade
• Limited Collection
It is a gorgeous, handmade collar, showing original, stylish design and perfect finishing. Its embossed logo provides it with a smart, noble appearance, while its metal fittings make it exceptionally durable and practical.

This unique accessory will also delight your pet. Made of soft, natural leather, it is safe for the dog’s skin, with no risk of scratches or grazes even on hot days. Its original, colourful adornments will make your pet genuinely stand out.

Easily adjustable, the collar is an excellent choice for both small and large dogs; it is an icon of urban grace and timeless elegance.


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To select the right collar size, measure the circumference of the dog’s neck in its widest point (where the collar will be worn). Apply the tape measure tight to the neck. Then, add 1-1.5 cm to the result.

Use our chart to choose the size.

Collar sizing

In case of any doubts, we advise you to opt for the larger option.

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