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Crochet Dog Toy Bone Fuchsia


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  • 17 cm
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  • Handcrafted dog toy made of 100% organic cotton.
  • The bone is very soft but durable and flexible.
  • When regularly used, the crochet weave cleans your dog’s teeth during the play.
  • No squeaker inside;
  • Material: organic cotton, anti-allergic filling;
  • Washing Instructions: toys can be hand-washed at the temperature of 30 °C;
  • Size: 17 cm.
  • MANUFACTURER: Lilly Pet Shop (Poland)


Lilly Pet Shop bone shaped toy made from organic cotton will provide your dog with fun for hours on end. Bone toy Lilly is super soft, what makes it a perfect toy to play with inside and outside. It will be your dog’s favourite toy for tug-of-war games or fetching…or relaxing chewing.

Organic dog bone toys from Lilly Pet Shop are both beautiful and healthy. When regularly used, the crochet weave cleans your dogs teeth during the play.


PLEASE NOTE: As a pet owner you decide whether a toy is suitable for your pet. Regular checks of the condition of the toy need to be done, as damage of the toy may lead to its swallowing or choking on it.

*Toys are handmade and each one is unique! Slight variations in pattern are to be expected.


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Length: 17 cm

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