About Us


Our story began in the fall of 2014 in Düsseldorf when I got our wonderful dog named Sniffy. When the first rain drop and colder days arrived, I realized I needed to buy some clothing for my 6-month old Sniffy. However, that wasn’t as easy as I expected and finding a jacket that looked nice and, more important, was comfortable for the dog yet affordable was almost impossible.

All the fashionable, modern and good quality clothing and accessories were so expensive that only the privileged wives of Russian oligarchs could afford them. Whereas the affordable ones, were done using poor materials which most of the times were very uncomfortable for the dog.
That was the moment where I’ve decided to sew myself something for Sniffy that would fit my personal taste, my wallet and without compromising the quality of the materials to do so.

Having this is mind, I’ve bought a sewing machine, signed up for a couple of sewing courses and started working on this project and just like that, the first dog-sweatshirt was made from scratch.

Sniffy loved it and I decided not to stop there! I quit my office-job in Düsseldorf and moved to Hamburg, a city known for its dog-friendliness.

There, where dogs are allowed everywhere, from parks to cafes & restaurants and dog-owners make dog-fashion an everyday reality, I got all the inspiration I needed to create PawPawPaw and take it to the next level and make it my only occupation.

At PawPawPaw we want to create beautiful, fashionable, high-quality and convenient dogwear. We use our passion for both dogs and fashion. We collaborate with designers and manufacturers who help us transforming our ideas into perfect dogwear.

We look forward to hearing your opinion, which will help us developing beautiful and functional products for our four-legged friends.



PawPawPaw brand Ambassadors and our products’ first Evaluators are two amazing dogs: Sniffy i Ciapek.

Sniffy is a small amazingly friendly and extremely energetic dog – The outcome of a beautiful love story between a Beagle and a Jack Russel Terrier. She was also the inspiration for Paw Paw Paw Boutique.
But beware! Although her sweet and angelic appearance, Sniffy can turn into a little beast, ready to attack and defend her territory from unwelcome guests. Mostly mice and moles, though.



Ciapek is a calm and incredibly devoted dog, who although his young age, has already gone through a lot.Being a stray dog, he was found on the street, left to his own faith, after being shot in the legs.
From the moment we saw him, we knew he would stay with us forever.
His peacefulness and devotion conquered our hearts and Ciapek became the new member of our family.